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Quick Takes: Automated policy reinforcements

SecurityExpressions announced an upgrade to its security policy enforcement tool, leading off this edition of Quick Takes.

SecurityExpressions 3.0 policy enforcer available

Pedestal Software announced the immediate availability of its SecurityExpressions 3.0. SecurityExpressions 3.0 provides a faster, automated means to audit, deploy and enforce security policies across the network. With this solution, companies will be able to save time managing and implementing security tasks such as password rules, user permissions and registry settings.

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Bluefire unveils Mobile Firewall Plus

Bluefire Security Technologies announced Mobile Firewall Plus for enhanced, mobile security. This solution provides a personal firewall as its foundation; it resides on the handheld and is easy to configure and customize. Other features include encryption, enforced passwords, centrally controlled security rules and real-time logging to track usage and detect intrusions.

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Aventail SSL VPN integrated into Sygate software

Aventail Corp. and Sygate Technologies announced their plans to integrate Aventail's SSL VPN with Sygate's Secure Enterprise software. This blended solution will provide customers with greater endpoint security through higher security standards for remote devices. That means endpoints must comply with corporate security policy before remote devices are allowed onto the network. Sygate and Aventail's partnership will equip their customers' endpoints with the latest antivirus solutions, firewalls, intrusion-detection systems and software patches to ensure policy compliance for secure, remote connections.

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Resilience, Secos partner for combined security solution

Resilience Corp. and Secos announced the Resilience DX4000 IDP, a partnership to provide a turn-key, intrusion-detection and prevention solution that combines a firewall and intrusion-detection system into a single appliance. Designed for Check Point NG environment, this joint solution combines Check Point Software's FireWall-1 Next Generation and SecoShield NG, a network-based, intrusion-detection system. The Resilience DX4000 IDP will be available in the third quarter of 2003.

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Websense launches Websense Explorer

Websense unveiled its Websense Explorer, a Web-based, interactive reporting tool that allows managers to monitor Internet usage. This solution gives IT and non- IT managers access to specific usage information in order to analyze trends, usage patterns, potential hacking risks, spyware and Web-based storage applications. Also, Websense Explorer empowers managers to observe Internet usage without having to involve IT administrators.

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AEP Systems updates AEP SureWare A-Gate 1.2

AEP Systems announced the updated AEP SureWare A-Gate 1.2, an SSL-VPN appliance. With this newer version customers will find Windows Terminal Services capability; enhanced authentication schemes and extended key management; and secure remote access to internal applications and resources. The addition of the Windows Terminal Services enables users to access other resources besides Web-based applications from a browser including MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, MS Word and MS Excel.

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Fortress Technologies announces three-factor authentication for wireless networks

Fortress Technologies unveiled three-factor authentication, a key component of its AirFortress wireless security gateway. The main features of this gateway include authentication requirements at three levels as well as idle time out, session-time out and hot failover for increased manageability. The AirFortress gateway provides customers with greater access control, privacy and authentication for wireless LANs.

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netForensics, ThruPoint to develop information-security solution

NetForenscis and ThruPoint announced their plans to jointly develop a security solution. Their partnership will concentrate on business development, consulting and training programs for current and future clients. The two companies will also research ways to meet the increasing requirements for enterprise information security in a consistent manner.

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Healthcare providers deploy KaVaDo's Web security

KaVaDo announced that several healthcare providers are deploying their network security technology in order to meet HIPAA standards. Using their InterDo firewall and ScanDo scanner, healthcare companies are able to ensure secure patient data storage, transfer and privacy.

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