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Who's Who in Infosec: Martin Roesch shines the spotlight on Martin Roesch, the lead developer of the well-respected IDS Snort.

Who's Who in Infosec is an ongoing series featuring profiles of security professionals and their contributions to the industry.

Martin Roesch founded Sourcefire in 2001 and serves as CTO. A respected authority on intrusion-detection technology and forensics, he is responsible for the technical direction and product development efforts. Martin, who has 14 years of industry experience in network security and embedded systems engineering, is also the author and lead developer of the Snort Intrusion-Detection System that forms the foundation for the Sourcefire product suite.

Over the past seven years, Martin has developed various network security tools and technologies, including intrusion-detection systems, honeypots, network scanners and policy-enforcement systems for organizations such as GTE Internetworking, Stanford Telecommunications, Inc. and the Department of Defense. He has applied his knowledge of network security to penetration testing and network forensics for numerous government and large corporate customers. Martin has been interviewed as an industry expert in multiple technology publications, as well as print and online news services such as MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, CNET, ZDNet and numerous books. Snort has been featured in Scientific American, on A&E's Secret Places: Inside the FBI and in several books, such as Network Intrusion Detection: An Analysts Handbook, Intrusion Signatures and Analysis, Maximum Security, Hacking Exposed and others.

Martin holds a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Clarkson University.

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