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Quick Takes: IBM releases privacy programming language

IBM has released a new programming language to help companies automate privacy compliance. Also included are items from Sanctum, the Liberty Alliance and RSA Security.

IBM unveils new programming language

IBM introduced Enterprise Privacy Authorization Language (EPAL), a new programming language for automating privacy compliance among IT applications and systems. EPAL gives organizations the ability to automatically enforce Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P), privacy regulations set up by the World Wide Web consortium. This automation helps to reduce costs and save money. An open-source EPAL editor, created by the University of North Carolina, is available to help organizations create and edit policies.
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Liberty Alliance publishes guidelines for federated identity management

The Liberty Alliance published the first of a series of business requirements and guidelines for wide-scale deployment of federated network identity. In an effort to advance Web services, the Liberty Alliance established four main focus areas that business should consider in their identity mangement: mutual confidence, risk management, liability assessment and compliance.
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RSA Security adds new functionality to ClearTrust

RSA Security, Inc. recently announced new features in its ClearTrust Web access management software. The features allow organizations to leverage and protect data stored on mainframes along with their existing identity and access software. This mainframe functionality also enables customers to manage their online identities for single sign-on capabilities to corporate portals, servers and other Web resources. RSA ClearTrust Mainframe Data Adapter will be available by the end of the year.
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Winferno Software announces Secure IE 2003

Winferno recently announced Secure IE 2003. Secure IE 2003 provides enhanced security features for Web browsers such as automatic cookie authentication for file download, upgraded virus detection and the option to accept or block pop-ups, ActiveX or Javascript programs. Secure IE 2003 will be available on July 21, 2003.
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BMC Software updates CONTROL-SA

BMC Software has updated its enterprise management software, CONTROL-SA. The new features include enabling provisioning of employees on supply chain partners' systems and integration with service management software Remedy. Additionally, the software will include a new interface for leveraging Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) connectivity. These updates provide greater ROI and identity management efficiency, BMC said.
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AppScan earns U.S. patent

Sanctum announced that their AppScan product family was awarded a U.S. patent titled. The new patent protects AppScan's abilities to explore and learn Web application behavior. It also secures AppScan's ability to create a customized scan for testing application and Web vulnerabilities for multiple platforms including .NET and J2EE and produce detailed reports. This patent is effective as of June 24, 2003.
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