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July 2003: The best of

Our top 10 news stories and tips for July 2003.

System admins found themselves in a race with remote attackers in July as they tried to patch two potentially disastrous...

vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows and Cisco devices before the bad guys could exploit them. Who crossed the finish line first in your company? Let us know, then catch your breath while perusing our top 10 news articles and tips for July.

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10.) Firewall appliance satisfies Weather Channel
9.) Fix for Cisco flaw will be tricky
8.) Hoaxes, fraud threaten viability of e-mail
7.) Exploit code lurks for Cisco flaw
6.) Gartner declares IDS obsolete by 2005
5.) Major sites survive defacement challenge
4.) Critical Windows alert issued, exploit exists
3.) Microsoft patches critical RPC vulnerability in Windows
2.) Defacement challenge puts Web sites on alert
1.) Windows flaw ripe for worm, expert says


10.) Infosec Bookshelf: Establishing a Metrics Management System
9.) Tech Tip: The difference between hackers and crackers
8.) Web Security Tip: What your Apache Web server is telling the bad guys
7.) Infosec Bookshelf: The Security Review Process
6.) Network Security Tip: 10 common questions (and answers) on WLAN security
5.) Web Security Tip: Gettng IIS patched fast!
4.) Network Security Tip: First steps in locking down Windows Server 2003
3.) Security Policies Tip: The security policy document library – E-mail policy
2.) Network Security Tip: Windows 2000's SP4 can be a mine field
1.) Security Policies Tip: Writing a security policy


  • Who's Who in Infosec
  • Firewall evolution
  • IDS vs. IPS
  • Crash course: Single sign-on

  • Dig Deeper on Emerging cyberattacks and threats

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