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September 2003: The best of

The top 10 news articles and tips on in September 2003.

Can you say deja vu all over again? In September, RPC vulnerabilities once again haunted Windows users. We jumped...

on the three new flaws and provided you the information needed to keep your systems clean and secure. Peruse our top 10 news articles and tips for valuable resources you may have missed the first time around.

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10.) Security and Sarbanes-Oxley
9.) Tales from the trenches: Admins share Blaster, Sobig stories
8.) Admins warned to patch new RPC holes, use workarounds
7.) LSD offers post-mortem on RPC worms
6.) IE patch still leaves door open
5.) Update: Three new critical RPC flaws found
4.) Public exploits available for new RPC flaws; worm imminent
3.) Turnaround time on new RPC worm could be short
2.) Update: Swen worm purports to be Microsoft alert, hits Europe hard
1.) New September 11 virus spotted; more on the way?


10.) Web server backups
9.) Web security benchmarks
8.) Snort – The poor man's intrusion-detection system
7.) Together, multiple tools clean and defend against malware
6.) How to remove the Blaster registry key through scripting
5.) Network security monitoring: Going beyond intrusion detection
4.) Anatomy of a hack
3.) Free network security toolkit
2.) Laptop security policy: Key to avoiding infection
1.) The security policy document library: Firewall policy


  • Abiding by Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Securing the data center
  • Network security monitoring
  • Spotlight: Women in infosec
  • New RPC vulnerabilities

  • Dig Deeper on Security industry market trends, predictions and forecasts

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