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Quick Takes: End-user education by RedSiren

RedSiren's release of a tool to teach end-users about security policy leads off this edition of Quick Takes.

RedSiren educates with InfoSecU

IT security management services vendor RedSiren announced InfoSecU, a security services teaching tool for the enterprise. InfoSecU enables organizations to educate their users on security policies and best practices with a customizable program of 28 courses. According to RedSiren, InfoSecU is easily customized and changed according to the needs of the organization and provides multiple formats such as HTML and .ASP for viewing courses.

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Anonymizer unveils Privacy Manager

Internet privacy and IT security vendor Anonymizer announced Privacy Manager. The product provides an organization's users with privacy and protection during their online sessions from spyware, pop-ups, viruses and other online threats such as hackers. Some Privacy Manager features include pop-up and ad blocking, cookies and tracking files removal, user Internet address blocking and "always" on capabilities. For a year-long subscription, the Privacy Manager is available for an introductory price of $49.99

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Wavelink and D-Link partner on wireless security

Wavelink Corporation has teamed up with D-Link Systems to wed the latter's wireless gear with Wavelink's wireless rogue security and management software. Available on D-Link hardware, Wavelink's Mobile Manager solution will be able to monitor mobile devices, laptops and wired workstations over both the wireless environment and the wired network to identify and disable unauthorized hardware.

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nCipher announces netHSM

Crytographic IT security vendor nCipher announced netHSM, a network hardware security module for protecting data. netHSM enables multiple applications across multiple networks to use a centralized security resource for hardware-based encryption, decryption and signing functions via a secure IP network. netHSM is a complement to nCipher's nShield and nForce hardware security modules and can be integrated with Security World key management.

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LURHQ launches Threat Intelligence

Managed security services provider LURHQ announced the launch of their Threat Intelligence. According to LUHRQ, this service will provide organizations with real-time vulnerability and threat notifications as well as unlimited access to their Threat Intelligence Group for advice and consultation services.

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Decru ships DataFort

Storage security vendor Decru announced that their DataFort E510 has begun shipping. The DataFort E510, a storage security appliance, provides clients with access controls, authentication, storage encryption and secure logging for stored data on networked storage. One of DataFort's latest features include the Lifetime Key Management system that automates key backup, recovery and archiving for faster and simpler disaster recovery.

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Lumigent Technologies announces Entegra

Data security monitoring vendor Lumigent announced Entegra Version 2.0 for monitoring data. This updated version provides organizations with the means to view and audit data activity from multiple servers and stores information in a centralized location for easy viewing and generating reports. Entegra 2.0 for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 7.0 is available immediately beginning at $10,000.

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