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Quick Takes: Application gateway thwarts hacks, DoS

Teros announced the availability of its Secure Application Gateway, leading off this edition of Quick Takes. Also included are items from TriGeo, Aladdin, Check Point and nCircle.

Teros Secure Application Gateway unveiled

Firewall vendor Teros unleashed its Secure Application Gateway for protecting networks malicious activity such as hacking and DoS attacks. According to Teros, its Secure Application Gateway provides organizations with the highest level of security by detecting and blocking cross-site scripting, monitoring network activity to prevent DoS attacks and provides cloaking capabilities with their SAFE router. Teros Secure Application Gateway is available for purchase in the U.S. starting at $25,000.

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Contego Version 2.1 now available

Network security monitoring vendor TriGeo announced Contego 2.1, the latest version of its monitoring product. The center of TriGeo's Active Security Management system, Contego 2.1 enables organizations to monitor and correlate security events from across a network. New features include log filtering, aggregation and normalization, bundled IDS, active response and 24x7 monitoring capabilities. Pricing starts at $17,440 for a 50-node deployment including a hardware appliance, Contego software manager and agents, and installation and help desk support.

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Aladdin Knowledge Systems announces eSafe 4's availability

Antispam vendor Aladdin Knowledge Systems announced that its anti-spam gateway, eSafe 4, is available. Their updated solution attacks junk e-mail with 17 different methods. Features include unique e-mail matching, updateable spam database, spam management options, advanced text classification, header validation and reverse DNS.

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CheckPoint appliance secures small enterprise offices

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. announced new SafeOffice appliances that secure small enterprises up to 75 concurrent network users. SafeOffice appliances are plug-and-play boxes based on Check Point's Stateful Inspection Firewall. SafeOffice features pre-set security rules that eliminate configuration errors, secure remote access and reliability via a backup ISP. The appliances start at $299 and is available in four configurations.

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nCircle debuts latest version of IP360

nCircle announced Version 6.0 of its IP360 Vulnerability Management System, including FactoredReasoning for profiling and assessing activity on an organization's network. Part of nCircle's IP360 Vulnerability Management System, FactoredReasoning can identify an operating system, services, vulnerabilities and applications on a host with needing local authentication. IP360's newest features include distributed nCircle architecture for scalability and low maintenance, improved analysis for identifying devices and vulnerabilities and custom vulnerability management features such as patch management. Pricing for IP360 begins at $20,000.

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