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Quick Takes: DNS appliance simplifies management

BorderWare announced a new DNS appliance that simplifies management and reduces costs, leading off this edition of Quick Takes. Also included are items from Entrust, RSA Security, NetScreen, ActivCard, Mazu Networks, nCipher and Trend Micro.

BorderWare debuts NameVault DNS Appliance 3.0

Security appliance vendor BorderWare Technologies announced the NameVault DNS Appliance 3.0 to help organizations manage Domain Name Services (DNS). Built on BlueCat Networks technology, NameVault is a dedicated security appliance that enables admins to manage DNS at a lower cost when compared to Windows or Unix products, according to BorderWare. Some features of NameVault include: Complete BIND9.X DNS functionality; full support of DNS with Active Directory and easy migration and high-level security that is managed by 128-bit SSL and TSIG-enabled management console. NameVault DNS Appliance will be available by mid-November at a starting price of $12,000, which includes one year of maintenance and tech support.

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Entrust joins Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Program

Entrust announced its membership to the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Program in addition to Entrust Entelligence Security Provider's receiving the Microsoft Gold Certified Product Status. By partnering with Microsoft's partner program, customers and organizations will be able to identify vendors that provide specialized and Microsoft-compatible solutions.

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RSA's BSAFE SSL-C 2.4 encryption software available

RSA Security announced that its BSAFE SSL-C 2.4 encryption software is available. BSAFE provides organizations with the sample encryption code, documentation and tech support to help them deliver strong encryption without the need of encryption expertise. According to RSA, BSAFE is also its first SSL development software kit for C developers that, with the RSA Security Cryptographic Module, conforms to Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 security requirements.

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NetScreen, Trend Micro partner on antivirus

NetScreen announced that the NetScreen-5GT appliance is available with the recently added Trend Micro antivirus tools. In addition to antivirus, the NetScreen-5GT appliance provides organizations with a multi-faceted security appliance that includes a firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention and gateway security on a single platform. The new antivirus features protect the network and applications from viruses, worms and other attacks. To access the antivirus features of the NetScreen-5GT appliance, customers will need the latest ScreenOS Version 5.0, which should be available at the end of November.

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ActivCard offers remote secure access solutions

Secure digital identity and authentication solutions vendor ActivCard announced that ActivPack AAA Server 5.3, ActivCard Keychain Toke and ActivReader Solo are available worldwide. ActivPack is a RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication, authorization and accounting server that provides identity management with two-factor authentication. ActivCard Keychain Token is a portable authentication device that enables users to type passwords onto a trusted PIN pad device rather than sending it over a network. ActivReader Solo enables smart card users to gain offline token use.

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Mazu Networks analyzes network behavior to reduce risk, cost

Mazu Networks announced the Mazu Profiler 3.0, a network security platform that uses behavior analysis to help lower risk, cost and complexity of providing security for applications and processes. The Profiler uses MCube, another Mazu technology, to capture and analyze network behavior using heuristics to detect malware and suspicious activity. The Profiler also provides rules-based alerts, ephemeral port protocol tracking, recovery reports and forensic tools. Mazu Profiler 3.0 is available immediately starting at $65,000 for the enterprise model.

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NCipher fortifies Web servers

NCipher announced nForce 1600, the latest addition to its family of hardware security modules. The nForce 1600 provides added protection to SSL-enabled Web servers by combining cryptographic key security without detracting from Web server performance. According to nCipher, nForce 1600 can support up to 1,600 new SSL connections per second.

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Trend Micro secures messaging, thwarts spam

Trend Micro announced the availability of two new secure messaging products: InterScan Messaging Security Suite 5.5 and Spam Prevention Solution 2.0. InterScan Messaging suite provides an integrated platform for managing both antispam and antivirus solutions at the gateway, which helps to reduce the cost and time administers need to spend on messaging security. InterScan Messaging Security Suite 5.5 is available for Windows with Solaris and Linux versions to be available in early 2004. Pricing starts at $1485 for up to 25 users.

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