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Industry notebook: Free Web services security tool released

Vordel released a free Web services security tool, leading off this edition of Industry Notebook. Also included are items from GFI, VanDyke Software, CoreStreet and nCipher, Core Security Technologies and SANS, Tipping Point and Qualys.

Free Web services security tool

Web services security vendor Vordel announced the SOAPbox, its free security tool. The SOAPbox creates XML messages with security tokens without the requirement of writing code. This security tool enables organizations to produce XML messages that comply with Web security standards such as WS-Security and SAML.

For more info on Vordel's SOAPbox security tool, click here

GFI keeps a close eye on network and servers

Network security monitoring vendor GFI announced GFI Network Server Monitor that closely monitors networks and servers, and in the event of failure, notifies network administrators. Some features of the Network Server Monitor include improved ease of use that will enable organizations to start using this tool as early as an hour after installation, according to GFI. Pricing for GFI's Network Server Monitor begins at $695 for unlimited workstations and servers and is available for purchase online.

For more info on GFI's Network Server Monitor, click here

VanDyke Software updates SecureCRT, SecureFX

SSH vendor VanDyke Software announced the SecureCRT 4.1, the latest version of their remote-access client and SecureFX 2.2, their multi-protocol file transfer client. Some new features of these clients include better integration between client applications and Kerberos authentication, and shared host key database and private key agent cache. These updated versions help reduce end-user confusion and reduce support costs, according to VanDyke.

For more info on VanDyke Software, click here

CoreStreet, nCipher partner on validating digital credentials

CoreStreet and nCipher announced a partnership to help provide secure dynamic management of computer systems and physical locations. By integrating CoreStreet's Real-time Crediential Validation Authority with nCipher's nShield, hardware security module, both companies hope to provide organizations with better security to protect private keys while granting access to users.

For more info about nCipher's nShield, click here
For more info about CoreStreet

Core Impact 3.3 hits the market

Core Security Technologies announced Core Impact 3.3, the newest version of their penetration testing product. Some new features include support for Windows XP and WinPcap 3.0, updated modules and exploits (Exchange XEXCH50, MSRPC DCOM Heap Corruption and OrcleDB Apache Chunked Encoding overflow), enhanced memory management scheme and improved user interface. Core Impact 3.3 is available immediately.

For more info on Core Impact 3.3 click here

SANS, TippingPoint Technologies and Qualys partner on @RISK

SANS, TippingPoint Technologies and Qualys announced a new partnership to distribute a free weekly newsletter called @RISK on breaking infosec information. SANS will oversee organization the e-mail newsletter that will report on new and existing vulnerabilities.

For more info on @RISK, click here

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