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Flaw found in NetScreen Security Manager

A flaw in NetScreen Security Manager needs manual updating until a service pack is released. The vulnerability could expose valuable information to attackers.

Administrators need to manually fix a vulnerability in NetScreen Security Manager until the company issues a service...

pack. Unless fixed, communication between Security Manager and devices running ScreenOS 5.0 is in clear text, exposing potentially valuable information to an attacker.

NetScreen has issued an advisory about its Security Manager 2004. The product provides management of device configuration, network settings, administrative roles and security policies. The default configuration doesn't specify encryption for communications between Security Manager and network devices running ScreenOS 5.0. A local user who could eavesdrop on the traffic would see all data in cleartext and could obtain system information or sensitive information.

NetScreen plans to fix the problem in NetScreen Security Manager 2004 Feature Pack 1. Until then, administrators can edit a configuration file to specify encryption, or run a script.

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