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Industry Notebook: SafeNet finds gold at the end of the Rainbow acquisition

SafeNet completed its merger with Rainbow Technologies, while new releases from Teros, Vericept, Tumbleweed Communications and Executive Software are highlighted.

SafeNet completes merger with Rainbow Technologies

Network security and managed service provider SafeNet announced its completed merger with Rainbow Technologies, maker of cryptography solutions, as of the week. The deal reportedly cost the Baltimore-based SafeNet $457 million in stock. Under this new company, SafeNet will provide a more comprehensive line of security solutions with the addition of Irvine, Calif.-based Rainbow Technologies' large array of authentication and access control products. The company announced plans to merge on Oct. 22.

For more info on SafeNet, click here.

Teros updates its application gateway appliance

Teros announced the latest version of its Teros Secure Application Gateway, a security appliance for Web services that features learning-based XML protection for Web services. The update adds to its HTML protection capabilities and builds on other identity theft and gateway application-layer protection. Teros Secure Application Gateway will be available later this month; pricing starts at $25,000.

For more info on Teros, click here.

Vericept unveils identity theft solution

Vericept recently unveiled its Fraud and Identity Theft solution for protecting sensitive data from both internal and external threats. Powered by a proprietary linguistics filter, Fraud and Identity Theft uses pre-defined categories to scan inbound and outbound Internet traffic. If any activity does not conform to these categories, administrators can terminate it. Fraud and Identity Theft is currently available; for pricing information, please contact Vericept.

For more info on Vericept, click here.

Tumbleweed Communications announces new antispam tool

Tumbleweed Communications just added the Personal Quarantine Manager to its arsenal of antispam tools. In conjunction with Tumbleweed's Email Firewall, which blocks spam at the gateway, Personal Quarantine Manager grants users access to suspected spam messages on a "self-service" basis. Personal Quarantine Manager sends out e-mails -- text- or HTML-based -- with a list of e-mails that have been quarantined as spam. Users can then click on a message to have it redirected to their inbox. For pricing and availability information, please contact Tumbleweed Communications.

For more info on Tumbleweed Communications, click here.

Executive Software adds patch management to Sitekeeper 3.0

Executive Software updated its systems management software Sitekeeper with a plug-in patch management tool. With this tool administrators can push updates and determine which computers need patches and what versions they're running to determine the appropriate updates and patches. For pricing and availability information, please contact Executive Software.

For more info on Sitekeeper 3.0, click here.

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