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Industry Notebook: FISMA compliance made easier with SecureInfo's RMS

Upgraded risk management tool from SecureInfo Corp. and secured file transfers from Proginet among this week's product listing.

SecureInfo announces risk management solution

SecureInfo Corporation announced its RMS (Risk Management System), which supports final draft guidelines in NIST's Special Publications (SP) 800-37 written for the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Under the NIST Special Publications project, FISMA asked federal agencies develop, document and deploy information security measures to protect systems and operations. RMS enables organizations to meet federal compliance regulations as outlined by FISMA with features that include work flow management and status reporting for senior infosec admins. It also provides enterprise-wide perspective based on common security controls and summary of security task and subtasks. No pricing or availability information was available.

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NetScreen announces NetScreen-ISG 2000 availability

NetScreen Technologies announced its NetScreen-ISG 2000, an integrated security gateway, is available. The NetScreen-ISG 2000 provides perimeter security for both network- and application-level attacks, and can integrate with firewalls and VPNs as well as support IDS. Some of its features include a 2-Gbps firewall and 2-Gbps, Triple DES/AES IPsec VPN performance, support for up to 8-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, 28 fast Ethernet interfaces or a combo of both. For more info on pricing, contact NetScreen Technologies.

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Symantec updates its alert service

Symantec Corp. announced the latest version of DeepSight Alert Services. DeepSight Alert Services offers customers the ability to integrate vulnerability and malicious code information into their existing security processes and remediation systems. The latest version offers the additional option of receiving XML alerts and provides enhanced administrator privileges and reporting. Symantec DeepSight Alert Services 6.0 is currently available; for pricing information, contact Symantec.

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Netegrity introduces Universal Federation Architecture

Netegrity, Inc. announced its Universal Federation Architecture (UFA), which is designed to standardize the sharing of identity information across applications within the enterprise and with partner companies for legacy, Web and service-oriented environments. UFA currently supports SAML 1.0 and the Liberty Alliance ID-FF specification. Support for SAML 1.1 is planned for availability within 90 days. WS-Federation will be incorporated into Netegrity's solutions after the specification's final release to the industry.

For more info on Netegrity, click here.

Proginet announces CyberFusion 5.5 for secure file transfer

Proginet has released CyberFusion 5.5, an enhanced version of its secure file transfer software, licensed on a platform-specific basis at starting prices of less than $5,000. New features of CyberFusion 5.5 include automatic file detection and transfer, and advanced encryption. Proginet says it installs and works seamlessly across any file type and any computing environment.

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ArcSight, nCircle Partner to reduce network security risks 

nCircle and ArcSight announced a technology alliance that will provide their customers with an integrated approach to discovering, assessing and responding to network security threats in real time. Under the terms of the alliance, customers will be able to seamlessly integrate nCircle's IP360 vulnerability management system with ArcSight's TruThreat Risk Correlation. By correlating the continuous vulnerability and exposure intelligence collected by nCircle with ArcSight's real-time data collection from security products such as application event logs, intrusion-detection systems and firewalls, companies can significantly reduce the number of false alarms and better allocate resources for remediation.

For more info on ArcSight, click here.
For more info on nCircle, click here.

Guardian Digital launches full open source IDS

New Jersey-based Guardian Digital, Inc. this month begins offering a fully open source intrusion detection system with prevention functions in its Internet Defense & Detection System (IDDS). The Web-based solution includes open source IDS applications including the popular Tripwire and Snort tools, as well as detection capabilities for both known and unknown attacks. It recommends settings to maximize network security while easing administrative duties and provides customized alerts.

IDDS works across all protocols and is considered ideal in a DMZ or mission-critical subnet. Available April 23, IDDS starts at $454 for a standard system. With added prevention capabilities, the price begins at $1,445. All options include a subscription to Guardian Digital Secure Network for updates.

For more info on Guardian Digital, click here.

Symantec Client Security 2.0 thwarts blended threats

Using integrated antivirus, firewall and intrusion prevention technologies, Symantec Client Security 2.0 claims to stop attacks from hitting enterprise clients, especially while patches are deployed to seal holes these threats exploit. Enhancements in this version include an outbound e-mail worm blocker to prevent mass-mailer propagation; VPN compliancy checks to block access of devices that lack proper security; expanded threat detection for adware and spyware; and a threat tracer that tracks down the source of an infection. Client Security 2.0 also pre-configures firewall policies and scans POP3/SMTP mail, among other features. The technology will be sold through resellers.

For more info on Symantec, click here.

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