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Industry Notebook: Network Associates says 'smell ya later' to Sniffer

Network Associates sells its Sniffer Technologies unit and decides to call itself McAfee.

Network Associates changes its name; sells Sniffer

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Network Associates, Inc., long associated with McAfee antivirus security solutions, will officially change its name to McAfee, Inc., once it sells its Sniffer Technologies product line for $275 million cash to Silver Lake Partners and Texas Pacific Group, which will turn the Sniffer unit into a new company known as Network General Corp.. The announcements highlighted a preliminary Q1 financial report focused on cost reduction and increased profitability for the intrusion prevention and major AV vendor. The sale of Sniffer's network and analysis business unit is expected to take place in Q2 provided.

For more in what the sale of Sniffer Technologies means to customers, click here.

Automatic Software announced patch tool the spans platforms

Automatic Software now offers a patent-pending Autonomic Network & Security Administration (ANSA) system to help enterprises handle cross-platform operating system and application patches. At its core, the new system delivers a patch and asset management system to self-managed systems to help admins cope with the flurry of updates for various platforms within a heterogeneous computing environment. Despite it's mammoth reach to all OS and apps, ASNE can be managed from a single console.

For pricing information, contact Danville, Calif.-based Automatic Software by clicking here.

Borderware expands its MXtreme line

Ontario-based Borderware has enhanced three products in its MXtreme security line. First, its added new features and functionality to its Mail Firewall v4.0, specifically to enhance security, policy enforcement, manageability, audit reporting and availability. HALO, according to the company, is among the first e-mail security products capable of delivering zero downtime, latency and message loss. And finally, the new MX-100 provides large enterprises with carrier-level throughput to enhance its mail firewall appliance scale to 10,000 or more users per system.

For pricing information or more details, click here.

Vericept unveils Stored Data Analyzer

Vericept, an Englewood, Colo.-based enterprise risk management provider, announced its Vericept Stored Data Analyzer (SDA) for investigating security breaches and unauthorized data on laptops, desktops and work stations. Vericept SDA automates the process for reviewing data in the event of a breach, or to find insecure or inappropriate data. Admins can also use SDA to zero in on a suspicious laptop, desktop or server in an organization. Finally, Vericept SDA provides administrators with full content analysis and reporting for more than 60 subject areas such as compliance and general network abuse, P2P file sharing, mergers and acquisitions, credit card information and instant messaging. Vericept Stored Data Analyzer is immediately available. For pricing info, please contact Vericept.

For more info on Vericept, click here.

PKWARE introduces SecureZIP, updates PKZIP for Windows

PKWARE, Inc., a Brown Deer, Wis.-based ZIP solutions provider, announced SecureZIP for Windows for protecting confidential information and, therefore, helping organizations meet increasing federal privacy legislation and regulations. SecureZIP is interoperable with the ZIP standard, and provides the latest encryption and authentication features for securing data, according to PKWARE. Some of the new features include encryption and digital signature capabilities, policies enforcement, cross-platform compatibility and a free reader for viewing zipped files. SecureZip for Windows is now available; contact PKWARE for pricing info.

PKWARE also announced its updated PKZIP for Windows, a data compression tool for managing data. Key features include new administrative controls for centrally managing policies, password-based encryption, improved user interface and cross-platform support. PKZIP is now available; contact PKWARE for pricing info.

For more info on PKWARE, click here.

Sophos and Sun team to battle e-mail threats

Sophos, a Lynnfield, Mass.-based provider of antivirus and antispam solutions, and Santa Clara, Calif.-based Sun Microsystems Inc. announced they will integrate Sophos PureMessage and the Java System Messaging Server, a key component of the Sun Java Enterprise System. This partnership provides customers with high performance message processing and consolidated protection, through a seamless administrative experience, without requiring a third-party Message Transfer Agent to broker the communication. The Java Enterprise System is available for $100 per employee per year.
A href="">For more info on the Java Enterprise System, please click .

Datakey releases Datakey Axis 5.1

Datakey Inc., a Minneapolis, Minn.-based provider of secure authentication products, released Datakey Axis 5.1, a strong authentication and single sign-on solution that locks each user's digital credentials onto a smart card or USB token. Datakey Axis offers password management, host authentication, Windows log-on, VPN access, Web authorization, desktop security, corporate badge and building access, biometric integration, public key encryption, digital certificates and digital signatures. Contact the company for pricing.
For more info on Datakey Axis 5.1, please click here.

PentaWare updates PentaSuite 7.0

PentaWare, Inc., a Portsmouth, N.H.-based provider of data management software, announced new features to PentaSuite 7.0, an end-to-end file management program that allows users to open, compress, encrypt, view, upload or download, store and send files while integrating with e-mail and antivirus software. New features include a preview module and the ability to save work so that changes can be made at a later date. For pricing and availability, contact PentaWare, Inc.

For more info on PentaWare, click here.

VigilantMinds launches SecureXone

VigilantMinds, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based provider of managed security services, announced the launch of its new integrated security portal, SecureXone. SecureXone provides an integrated package of managed security services, enabling real time access to information about intrusion events, wireless LANs and LANs, a variety of commercial security devices, and control over security processes and procedures. SecureXone is designed to assist organizations of all sizes in their efforts to comply with regulations such as GLBA, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. For pricing and availability, contact VigilantMinds, Inc.

For more info on VigilantMinds, click here.

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