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Security vendors release intrusion prevention and configuration tools

New software and hardware coming from TippingPoint, Netegrity, Perfigo and startup Comodo TrustIX, among others.

TippingPoint launches UnityOne-5000 TippingPoint Technologies, a provider of intrusion prevention products based...

in Austin, Texas, announced UnityOne-5000, a new platform for intrusion prevention and bandwidth management for residential and commercial Internet connectivity services. Key features include hardware for delivering 5-Gb throughput, low latency and carrier-class scalability, and protection from malware and attacks via total packet inspection. UnityOne-5000 is expected to ship in Q3. For more pricing and availability info, click here.

Netegrity releases IdentityMinder eProvision 4.0
Netegrity Inc., a Waltham, Mass.-based identity management vendor, announced the release of its provisioning product, Netegrity IdentityMinder eProvision 4.0. As part of Netegrity's identity and access management product line, IdentityMinder eProvision automates access management to valuable enterprise resources and applications for employees, contractors and partners. The new features in eProvision 4.0 include a flexible workflow engine with a new graphical interface and policy builder, and a full J2EE architecture that runs on both Windows and Solaris. Netegrity IdentityMinder eProvision 4.0 is expected to be available at the end of this month.
For additional information, including pricing, click here.

RSA Security releases Secure Enterprise Single Sign-On
RSA Security Inc., based in Bedford, Mass., announced that in September it will release its RSA Sign-On Manager, a new secure enterprise product that merges enterprise single sign-on (E-SSO) with strong authentication. Among other features, RSA Sign-On Manager offers an end-user self-service for forgotten passwords to make it possible to securely gain temporary access to username and password credentials, as well as permanently recover those credentials. Contact the company for pricing.
For more info on RSA Security's E-SSO, click here.

Comodo Trustix unveils Trustix Infrastructure Solutions
New York-based Comodo Trustix launched Trustix Infrastructure Solutions, targeted versions of the Trustix OS that have been pre-configured to maximize the stability, security and performance of a particular server type - including LAN, proxy, e-mail and Web. Trustix Infrastructure Solutions offer protection against stack smashing attacks and buffer overflows. Contact the company for pricing.
For more info on Comodo Trustix, click here.

Configuresoft provides new software to manage Microsoft SMS
Configuration management provider Configuresoft of Colorado Spring, Colo., just introduced Enterprise Configuration Management for Microsoft Systems Management Server (ECM for SMS). The software simplifies management of SMS in large environments through a centralized datastore to ensure all SMS clients are installed and configured properly. ECM for SMS also includes compliance templates to enforce configuration policies.

Pricing starts at $5 per SMS client and $100 per SMS server. For more information on this and other Configuresoft products, click here.

Perfigo's CleanMachines just got 'Smarter'
San Francisco-based Perfigo Inc. has enhanced its CleanMachines network security software with the new SmartEnforcer client, which provides deeper device vulnerability scanning to detect malicious code, spyware and missing software patches. It also requires remediation before the device can connect to the corporate network and automatically downloads fixes for the flaws.
Bundled pricing starts at $20,000. For more information on Perfigo, click here.

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