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Industry Notebook: Cyberguard and Symantec buy up; others announce upgrades and partnership

Cyberguard tries to buy Secure Computing, while Symantec seals deal for TurnTide. Meanwhile, Proginet, Computerized Horizons and Linksys release new products and Cranite Systems partners with Vivato.

Cyberguard offers to buy rival Secure Computing Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based network security provider Cyberguard...

Corp. this week formally offered to buy rival Secure Computing Corp. for $297 million. The figure is based on the closing price last Friday in a one-for-one stock exchange for the San Jose, Calif., company, which makes a variety of security products including firewalls and authentication software. This purchase would mark the fourth acquisition for Cyberguard since January 2003, when it snapped up NetOctave, maker of security processors and VPN accelerators. It's also bought Linux-based SnapGear and content provider Webwasher in the past year. For more information on the proposed sale, click here.

Proginet announces SIFT 2.0 for confidential data transmission
Garden City, N.J.-based software developer Proginet recently released Secure Internet File Transfer (SIFT) 2.0, which secures data as it is transmitted via the Internet. The software comes with a guaranteed delivery, and this version includes new features for authentication, checkpoint restarts during any point of failure and FTP support to access common enterprise FTP servers. Existing LDAP can be matched to the SIFT database to authenticate users trying to access data. Pricing, based on platforms, starts around $25,000.
For more information on Proginet and it's new SIFT software, click here.

Cranite Systems, Vivato partner for secure wireless
San Jose, Calif.-based Cranite Systems, a wireless security software vendor, and San Francisco-based Vivato, a Wi-Fi hardware vendor, have partnered to offer government-certified secure wireless networks. Under this partnership, customers will be offered Cranite's FIPS 140-2-compliant WirelessWall software security and authentication along with Vivato's long range Wi-Fi base stations. WirelessWall supports 802.11 a, b, g, h or j access points.
For more pricing and availability information about this partnership, click here.

Symantec acquires TurnTide
Symantec completed its acquisition of TurnTide, a provider of the SpamSquelcher antispam/network security technology for $28 million. TurnTide's technology will become part of a multitiered antispam product and is expected to complement Symantec's recent acquisition of BrightMail, which also is in the antispam and content filtering market.
For more information on Symantec, click here.

Computerized Horizons creates IP address database
Newburyport, Mass.-based Computerized Horizons, maker of Declude JunkMail, Declude Virus and Declude Hijack, has created a database of IP addresses that are transmitting viruses across the Internet. The company says that information from this database is being used to create the Multiple Threat Lookup Database (MTLDB). It is available to all Declude JunkMail customers to help address the latest practice by spammers of sending spam laced with worms, viruses or Trojan horses. E-mails that send spam will be cross-referenced against the database and weighted accordingly using the Declude JunkMail product, the company said. Although immediately available at no charge to current Declude JunkMail customers, the company said in a statement that it's open to "discussing licensed access by others wishing to eradicate this threat."
For more information about Computerized Horizons and Declude products, click here.

Linskys launches new line of Wi-Fi networking antennas
Irvine, Calif.-based Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc., has launched a line of high-gain antennas to be used with select Linksys Wireless-B and Wireless-G products. The high-gain antennas were developed to help increase the effective range of a Linksys home or small business wireless network. The antenna solutions include a pair of TNC Connector Antennas (HGA7T), a single SMA Connector Antenna (HGA7S) and Antenna Stands (AS1SMA and AS2TNC) for mounting the antennas to walls or ceilings, the company said in a statement. The antennas are immediately available at major U.S. and Canadian retail, online retailers, distributors, director response and value added resellers. U.S. estimated street pricing is as follows: TNC Connector Pair (HGA7T), $59.99; SMA Connector (HGA7S), $59.99; TNC Antenna Stand (AS2TNC), $29.99; and SMA Antenna Stand (AS1SMA), $29.99.
For more information about Linskys, click here.

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