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Is FIDO authentication the future of online authentication products?


Voice recognition: Can you hear me now?

Source:  Agnitio

Worldwide voice biometrics market leader Agnitio has partnered with FIDO Alliance founding member Nok Nok Labs to create Agnitio Voice iD, a product which uses a person's voiceprint to verify his identity.

With Voice iD, employees can enjoy the convenience of the spoken word to log in to smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and other mobile endpoints hands-free, empowering them to use online, mobile and point-of-sale applications securely and privately -- as well as quickly and easily.

Voice iD accurately identifies simple, short phrases 99.9% of the time, according to Agnitio, and its patented antispoofing technology detects as much as 97% of replay attacks using acoustic characteristics collected during the access recording.

The product can be installed on any device, platform or application and can identify voiceprints in any language, either electronically or over the phone.

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