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Is FIDO authentication the future of online authentication products?


FIDO authentication for Windows, Linux and Android

Source:  GO-Trust

The GO-Trust FIDO microSD card is a small card that makes mobile phones and laptops ready for devices and websites that require FIDO authentication.

This certified FIDO Ready device boasts the ability to work with 99% of existing laptops and PCs, as well as the nearly 2 billion Android devices around the world. MicroSD supports a range of applications for bring your own device and enterprise devices, ensuring that credit cards, transportation, door access, privacy and authentication for smart devices is effective and efficient.

Replacing the troublesome password, this high-speed contactless interface contains a cryptographic chip that securely stores authentication identification so there is no need to ever store login information on individual websites.

Simple, fast and easy to use, microSD can enable many devices and work for all sites that require or accommodate FIDO authentication.

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