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Is FIDO authentication the future of online authentication products?


BYOB: Bring your own biometric key fob, that is

Source:  AxisKey

Sonavation AxisKey is a pocket-sized key fob that keeps personal, professional and social accounts; online identities; and transactions secure with a swipe of a finger.

Rather than just reading the surface fingerprint ridges and swirls, AxisKey scans all seven layers of the epidermis -- as well as the underlying fat pad, fascia, and microvascular and vascular systems -- and detects the arterial blood flow, bone structure and nail bed. Reading zero to eight millimeters deep, this system can even detect the user's heartbeat.

Pairing deep tissue imaging with Sonavation's patented ultrasound impediography sensor platform, AxisKey aims to ensure a failsafe identity match for smartphones, smartcards and access control systems at home, at work, in the cloud and on the go.

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