Countdown: Top 5 issues involving data loss and the virtualized cloud

In this podcast, learn the issues to consider when moving data into the cloud and how to work with your provider on security. Security School

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Data thefts have become a major concern for enterprise security teams, with laptops, hard drives and database records disappearing at an alarming rate. Keeping a handle on sensitive data can be difficult enough when it's in your own environment, but moving data into a virtual environment beyond the network perimeter can increase the challenges exponentially. This podcast will guide you through the potential issues to consider when making the decision to move data into the cloud and how to work with your provider on security and privacy management to prevent problems before they occur.

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Countdown: Top 5 issues involving data loss and the virtualized cloud
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David Mortman is CSO-in-Residence for Echelon One.

This was last published in July 2009

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