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Fact or fiction: Endpoint threat protection controls that work

In this podcast, Mike Rothman discusses threat protection myths and how to ensure enterprise endpoint security controls are effective.

Mastery of endpoint security is a must as enterprises face more and more devices popping up on the network. To gain ground on the increasing number of threats and adversaries, enterprises must choose the right mix of endpoint security controls -- some are legacy offerings, while others are leading- and bleeding-edge alternatives. So, how do you decipher which enterprise endpoint security controls are right for your environment and most effective?

In this podcast, Securosis president and longtime information security industry expert Mike Rothman separates fact from fiction in regard to threat protection and effective enterprise endpoint security controls. He covers how to make the best use of the most reliable endpoint security controls, and how to avoid or move past the ones that prove to be a waste of money and time.


This was last published in July 2013

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