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Five key security analytics reports and how to build them

There are security analytics reports so effective you should run them daily. Listen to this podcast to learn what they are and how to build them.

Advanced security analytics are a necessity in today's malware-laden world. Every day the company network is under assault, and information security pros need to stay on their toes. The first essential step is to understand who or what, exactly, is out to get you—or, rather, your network. There are five security analytics reports so useful that companies should run them daily, says Josh Sokol, who manages all aspects of information security for National Instrument. These reports include reviewing DNS requests, searching for "Fan Out" network traffic and for connections to blacklisted IPs, and more. Listen to his podcast and you'll learn not only why the five reports Sokol suggests are so useful but also how you can build them for your enterprise.


This was last published in February 2014

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