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In-house app stores a handy weapon against malicious mobile apps

Michael Cobb explains why an enterprise in-house app store is an effective weapon against malicious mobile apps and dispels common misunderstandings against this means for securing employee devices and company data.

In this podcast, Michael Cobb -- renowned expert and founder of Cobweb, a U.K. consultancy focused on IT training and support with a focus on data security and analysis -- examines a variety of common beliefs about enterprise in-house application stores and separates fact from fiction. In doing so, he explains why and how enterprise-controlled app stores can be an effective weapon against the plethora of malicious mobile applications aimed at corrupting employee devices and stealing company data.

For instance, Cobb explains that, contrary to popular belief, enterprise app stores are not difficult to set up and do not require specialized knowledge. And the benefits are big: Running an enterprise app store gives IT security pros control over which apps employees can install on their mobile devices. Even better, there are plenty of ways to create such a store, and it's a myth that enterprise IT departments must start from scratch: It is often cheaper and easier, in fact, to use enterprise app stores already on the market, which can be customized to enterprise specs. The setup might require some cost and manpower, but that expenditure is well worth the control IT acquires over what sort of applications live on the mobile devices coming through the corporate door.

Listen to this short podcast and learn more about in-house app stores, the true level of security of the popular Apple App Store, how best to get good feedback from employees on app performance, and more.


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This was last published in July 2014

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