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December 2005

Security Wire Weekly -- December 21, 2005
In our final broadcast of 2005, Editorial Director Jon Panker has the scoop on new security holes plaguing Macromedia users, Christmas greetings you don't want to receive and why Bank of America customers might find themselves short on cash.
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Security Wire Weekly -- December 14, 2005
This week, News Writer Bill Brenner details why the SANS Institute says the Titan Rain attacks illustrate the need for better IT security training, why Uncle Sam may need to show more infosecurity leadership, and how thwarting biometrics may be little more than child's play.
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Security Wire Weekly -- December 7, 2005
This week, News Editor Eric Parizo details new worms plaguing AIM users, Microsoft's latest security issues, how a popular shoe retailer is taking steps to prevent future data thefts and why Wikipedia is getting serious about securing content.
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November 2005

Security Wire Weekly -- November 29, 2005
This week, Editorial Director Jon Panker details a new danger courtesy of two "alleged" celebrities, a controversial survey that suggests security has fallen six years behind, plus how authorities nabbed a thief who never grew up.
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Security Wire Weekly -- November 16, 2005
This week, News Writer Bill Brenner explains how the prolific Sober worm is on the move again, why keyloggers are becoming an indispensable tool for online fraudsters and which new high-risk vulnerability is affecting IPsec VPNs.
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Security Wire Weekly -- November 9, 2005
This week News Editor Eric Parizo offers details on a new Linux worm, why J-Lo's CDs may be dangerous and how an adware firm is cleaning up its act.
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Security Wire Weekly -- November 1, 2005
This week Editorial Director Jon Panker covers a new set of Oracle flaws, open source database fears and a new effort to define VoIP threats.
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