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Podcast: Explaining CISSP value to infosec pros

Shon Harris of Logical Security offers an insider's perspective on the real value of the CISSP certification and why it has become the gold standard in security certifications.

The CISSP certification has long been a controversial topic in the information security industry -- and for a variety of reasons.

Many have cast doubt on whether the CISSP curriculum teaches the skills today's infosec pros need, whether the CISSP exam fairly assesses practitioners' knowledge and skills, and even whether the CISSP exam is necessary when demand for security talent is so great. Despite all that, the CISSP remains the gold-standard among security industry certifications.

In this podcast, part of the introduction to SearchSecurity's CISSP Essentials Security School, Executive Editor Eric B. Parizo and special guest Shon Harris, founder and CEO of certification training consultancy Logical Security LLC, engage in a wide-ranging discussion about the value of the CISSP certification.

The conversation covers what remains unique about the CISSP's value that has enabled it to become so widely held among security pros. As Harris explains, one key reason may be that it is not only a certification, but also a taxonomy for understanding the security industry.

Harris and Parizo then discuss the best time in an infosec pro's career to pursue the certification and the worst-case career scenario for those who have the skills but not the certification. Finally, they talk about how SearchSecurity's CISSP Essentials Security School can help those looking to begin learning about the exam, as well as broaden their knowledge of information security fundamentals.

CISSP® is a registered certification mark of the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, Inc., also known as (ISC)2.

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This was last published in August 2014

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