Podcast: Fact or fiction -- Am I a bot or not?

Learn how to tighten email security policies, educate users about the dangers of seemingly harmless messages, and eliminate email accounts that have been taken over by bots.

In the last year, botnets have exploded onto the security scene and gone from tools used by script kiddies to sophisticated networks constructed by professional hackers—using your company's machines. The most common infection method for bots is via a malicious email, often containing a link to a website where a Trojan installs silently on the victim's PC.

A new report shows that 26% of all of the malicious code analyzed in 2007 were Trojans. Identifying these malicious messages can be a challenge, and this podcast will provide listeners with valuable techniques for tightening security policies on incoming email; educating users about the dangers of seemingly harmless messages; and finding and eliminating email accounts that have been taken over by bots.

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Fact or fiction: Am I a bot or not?
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This was last published in June 2008

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