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The top five employee responsibilities in a BYOD security strategy

Behind any successful enterprise BYOD strategy are employees who do the right things.

Formulating a security strategy for the BYOD era is just the first step in managing mobile devices in the enterprise. In this podcast, wireless and mobility expert Craig Mathias runs down his top-five list of what must happen after the policy is set, and all five depend on employees making the right moves.

These right moves include employees recognizing the value of keeping proprietary information secure, and understanding the costs to the company (and potential threat to jobs) if sensitive information is leaked. Another employee responsibility is to make sure the IT department vets all devices (and their operating systems) brought into the company. IT has responsibilities too, of course -- most of all to make sure not just that employees are trained but that they are listened to. No one benefits, Mathias explains, when difficult enterprise security rules tempt employees to devise "work arounds."

Listen to the podcast to learn more about these points, and the others, that together comprise a comprehensive list of the most important responsibilities employees have in making BYOD policy succeed.


This was last published in June 2014

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