• Top Five Ways to Detect Unwanted Data in the Enterprise

    Our file servers, workstations, flash drives and cloud services all contain massive amounts of data, driven by the fact that storage has quickly become an inexpensive commodity. It’s often cheaper to just keep everything than to expend time and energy sorting through outdated, irrelevant or inapplicable data. However, this practice can dramatically increase risk to the enterprise by increasing the amount of data vulnerable to an attack. In this podcast, we look at five ways that you can detect the presence of unwanted data in your environment.

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  • Fact or fiction: Pros and cons of database encryption

    According to our latest survey of more than 608 enterprise security pros, 80% of enterprises say protecting data is more important in 2007 than last year, and 72% admit they need a better strategy. SearchSecurity.com is responding to this growing need with a multi-lesson Data Protection Security School to help you formulate a comprehensive strategy to secure sensitive info throughout your network. When you are encrypting data within a database you have two basic choices: encrypting the entire database or encrypting specific fields at the data level. This podcast explains the pros and cons of each approach.