• Information security podcasts: 2009 archive

    Listen to all of SearchSecurity.com's security podcasts from 2009: a collection of the year's best IT news and Q&A with infosec experts.

  • Fact or fiction: Inside extrusion detection and prevention technology

    According to our latest survey of more than 608 enterprise security pros, 80% of enterprises say protecting data is more important in 2007 than last year, and 72% admit they need a better strategy. SearchSecurity.com is responding to this growing need with a multi-lesson Data Protection Security School to help you formulate a comprehensive strategy to secure sensitive info throughout your network. With a new data breach headline in the news almost daily, plenty of infosec pros are looking for new ways to proactively spot potential data disclosure problems before they happen. Extrusion detection and prevention tools can help, but to be effective, practitioners must know what they can and can't do. This podcast will use the popular "fact or fiction" format to help sort out what is and isn't true about today's extrusion detection and prevention technology.

  • Curveball: Endpoint encryption strategies

    When a laptop turns up stolen, it's reassuring to know that the contents of the device were encrypted, transforming a potentially disastrous data breach into a simple case of missing hardware. In this podcast we look at the issues surrounding the use of encryption to secure data stored on endpoint computers.

  • Managing third-party compliance

    In this podcast, special guest expert Richard Mackey offers tips on managing third-party compliance and risk.

  • Countdown: Top 5 issues involving data loss and the virtualized cloud

    In this podcast, learn the issues to consider when moving data into the cloud and how to work with your provider on security.

  • Countdown: The top 5 things you can do to lock down your database right now

    Implementing security measures to secure database installations is an important, but overwhelming task. This expert podcast will provide you with a practical guide of immediate steps that you can take to eliminate common vulnerabilities found in database deployments.

  • Countdown: Top 5 most important questions to ask endpoint security vendors

    After the endpoint security assessment is over and it's time to go talk to vendors, how can you tell between a song and a dance, and what you can truly expect out of a product?

  • Information security podcasts: 2008 archive

    Listen to all of SearchSecurity.com's 2008 security podcasts, which include the year's best IT news and interviews.

  • Countdown: Tips for effective end-user security education programs

    Get tips for creating an effective end-user security education program to help safeguard your organization's critical resources and increase overall business performance.

  • How to choose the right SIM

    There are dozens of security information management (SIM) tools on the market and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the wrong solution, however, is not just an issue of wasting your investment, but also potentially failing to accomplish critical business goals. Listen to this expert podcast and learn more about important differences between SIM appliances and software-based tools, leveraging SIMs for collecting and utilizing the right types of data for compliance and other security policies, and tips for evaluating SIM solutions and deciding which option is best for your organization.

  • Countdown: Top 5 pitfalls when it comes to e-discovery

    Since the e-discovery amendments are less than one year old, businesses commonly make compliance mistakes. For instance, are users following the corporate policy? Do the organization even have a legally defensible policy? Can you save what you need to? This podcast will outline the top five most common e-discovery mistakes and how you can learn from them — before you make them!

  • Fact or fiction: The security risks of cloud computing

    Check out this expert podcast and learn about the benefits of cloud computing and SaaS and get tips for addressing the security challenges of these business options.

  • Read-only domain controllers: What are they and why should I care?

    Learn the concept of a read-only domain controller and why security professionals should recommend its use in their enterprises.

  • Authentication FAQ: Podcast with Russ Rogers

    In this podcast, Russ Rogers discusses common authentication methods, including multifactor authentication technologies. Download and listen to this podcast on the go or at your desk.

  • Top 5 leading-edge authentication technologies

    Listen to this podcast to learn about the top five leading edge authentication technologies, including facial recognition software, HSPD12 Smart Card, Authentication as a Service, personal portable security devices, and the credit card OTP form factor.

  • Making NAC work with your existing security tools

    This podcast provides listeners with real-world anecdotes and detailed information on how to overcome obstacles presented by conflicts between your various Network Access Control (NAC) products and other security and networking tools on your network.

  • Podcast: Fact or fiction -- Am I a bot or not?

    Learn how to tighten email security policies, educate users about the dangers of seemingly harmless messages, and eliminate email accounts that have been taken over by bots.

  • Top five ways to keep users safe from today's Web-based threats

    42% of security professionals surveyed by SearchSecurity.com said they'll be spending more time on threat management in 2008 than they did in 2007. This Podcast details the top five ways to defend against today's Web-based threats and discusses how to recognize unique botnet attacks and how to prevent your network from becoming a launching pad for spam and worms. In this podcast, learn about link-scanning tools, browser configurations and other techniques that can make a major difference in the security of your network.

  • Countdown: Top five ways to sell NOC/SOC integration

    NOC/SOC integration offers enterprises a number of benefits, but time and trouble of making the conversion is enough to make executives wary. In this podcast, learn key insights about the business value gained by fostering NOC/SOC integration. Some of the answers may surprise you, as it's not just for compliance anymore.

  • Podcast: Exchange security -- A quick primer

    Today's complex Exchange environments are costly and difficult to protect and secure from threats like spam, spyware, malware and viruses. This 12-minute expert podcast features a summary of the key issues pertaining to the security of Microsoft Exchange in enterprise environments.

  • Countdown: Top 5 consumer authentication technologies on the market today

    In late 2005 the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued a guidance stating single-factor authentication was no longer adequate for securing online banking transactions. The guidance did not specify what types of technologies would meet the requirement, but many vendors have scrambled to come up with cost-effective and easy product offerings that can be deployed to the masses. This Podcast will countdown the top 5 vendor options available when it comes to consumer Web authentication.

  • Fact or fiction: Don't forget about your intellectual prop

    By creating a data protection plan, security professionals are able to ensure valuable data remains under control and make more effective use of the assets within a company. Check out the expert Podcast featured here and learn more about creating an effective enterprise data protection framework for your organization. Personally-identifiable information (PII) must be protected as mandated by a myriad of regulations. But some organizations overlook the need to protect intellectual property. In this Podcast, we'll explain some of the common misunderstandings about the legal protections for trade secrets and offer you a set of best practices to get started.

  • Fact or fiction: Pros and cons of database encryption

    According to our latest survey of more than 608 enterprise security pros, 80% of enterprises say protecting data is more important in 2007 than last year, and 72% admit they need a better strategy. SearchSecurity.com is responding to this growing need with a multi-lesson Data Protection Security School to help you formulate a comprehensive strategy to secure sensitive info throughout your network. When you are encrypting data within a database you have two basic choices: encrypting the entire database or encrypting specific fields at the data level. This podcast explains the pros and cons of each approach.

  • Fact or fiction: Building and enforcing DLP policies

    Deploying a data loss prevention (DLP) solution is just the first step in the process of controlling the sensitive data flowing through your company's network. But DLP solutions need robust policies and procedures to increase their effectiveness. This expert podcast gives advice for developing comprehensive DLP policies for locking down the most valuable information on your organization's network, as well as strategies and tactics for enforcing those policies with users.