• Information security podcasts: 2009 archive

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  • Countdown: Top 5 most important questions to ask endpoint security vendors

    After the endpoint security assessment is over and it's time to go talk to vendors, how can you tell between a song and a dance, and what you can truly expect out of a product?

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    Get tips for creating an effective end-user security education program to help safeguard your organization's critical resources and increase overall business performance.

  • Read-only domain controllers: What are they and why should I care?

    Learn the concept of a read-only domain controller and why security professionals should recommend its use in their enterprises.

  • Authentication FAQ: Podcast with Russ Rogers

    In this podcast, Russ Rogers discusses common authentication methods, including multifactor authentication technologies. Download and listen to this podcast on the go or at your desk.

  • Top 5 leading-edge authentication technologies

    Listen to this podcast to learn about the top five leading edge authentication technologies, including facial recognition software, HSPD12 Smart Card, Authentication as a Service, personal portable security devices, and the credit card OTP form factor.

  • Countdown: Top five ways to sell NOC/SOC integration

    NOC/SOC integration offers enterprises a number of benefits, but time and trouble of making the conversion is enough to make executives wary. In this podcast, learn key insights about the business value gained by fostering NOC/SOC integration. Some of the answers may surprise you, as it's not just for compliance anymore.

  • Countdown: Top 5 consumer authentication technologies on the market today

    In late 2005 the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) issued a guidance stating single-factor authentication was no longer adequate for securing online banking transactions. The guidance did not specify what types of technologies would meet the requirement, but many vendors have scrambled to come up with cost-effective and easy product offerings that can be deployed to the masses. This Podcast will countdown the top 5 vendor options available when it comes to consumer Web authentication.

  • Fact or fiction: Pros and cons of database encryption

    According to our latest survey of more than 608 enterprise security pros, 80% of enterprises say protecting data is more important in 2007 than last year, and 72% admit they need a better strategy. SearchSecurity.com is responding to this growing need with a multi-lesson Data Protection Security School to help you formulate a comprehensive strategy to secure sensitive info throughout your network. When you are encrypting data within a database you have two basic choices: encrypting the entire database or encrypting specific fields at the data level. This podcast explains the pros and cons of each approach.

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    This 10-12 minute podcast will count down the top 5 things people may falsely believe or not know about mobile spyware.

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