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This content is part of the Security School: Endpoint security controls: Moving beyond antivirus

Endpoint security controls: Test your knowledge

Take this quiz to see if you've mastered your understanding of the important endpoint security controls and how to use them successfully for defense-in-depth threat protection.

SearchSecurity SchoolThis quiz is part of's Security School lesson, Endpoint security controls: Moving beyond antivirus. For more materials in this lesson, visit the lesson page; for additional lessons on other information security topics, visit's Security School course catalog

Endpoint protection cannot be just about antivirus anymore. Organizations need to understand not only malware protection, but what devices and applications can and should be allowed to run on an endpoint. This Security School lesson walked you through all those considerations, including device and application control, antimalware considerations, data protection and integration with network monitoring, SIM and log management solutions. How much did you learn? Take this quiz and find out.



This was last published in August 2013

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