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Get ready for CISSP Domain 7: Cyberattack prevention quiz

Do you know what it takes to stop bad guys in their tracks? Find out with this practice quiz on cybersecurity methods and tools used to thwart or recover from an attack.

While it's true that attackers have a seemingly endless arsenal of instruments for exploiting vulnerabilities, information security professionals also have many technologies and techniques at their disposal for cyberattack prevention, response and recovery. The trick is knowing what security tools to use, where to deploy them and how to maximize their power. For enterprises that are diligent about cyberattack prevention, there is no greater imperative.

These are some of the major concepts covered in the CISSP exam under Domain 7: Security Operations. Take the following practice quiz to check your proficiency in incident management, resource protection, cyberattack prevention, investigative techniques and more.

The following quiz is excerpted from the CISSP (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide, 7th Edition, ©2015 John Wiley & Sons, All Rights Reserved.

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This was last published in February 2018

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What cybersecurity methods never get outdated, no matter how the threats evolve?
Question 10 has an incorrect answer, "Intrusion detection systems". "Intrusion prevention systems" is the correct answer.
Agreed, that and question 2 has IPS as a choice twice. 
The answer to the question number 10 is not correct, please check again. It should be Intrusion prevention systems
Question no.2, answer 1 & 4 are the same, one of them should be IDS (correct answer) and of course answer to question no.10 should be IPS.
Please note that question number 2 has a double correct answer and I challenge the answer to number 10, it should be IPS, not IDS.