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Infosec Know IT All Trivia: Patch management

Get up to speed on patch management with our trivia.

Test your knowledge of patch management with these trivia questions. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the correct answers. If you get them all correct, you can call yourself an Infosec Know IT All!

1.) This is the term used by Microsoft to describe both the method of delivering and applying a patch or fix. It is synonymous with and replaced the term hotfix.
a. service pack
b. Quick Fix Engineering
c. service release
d. critical update

2.) This tool can be used to scan a local or remote IIS Web server host for the presence or absence of patches.
a. hotfix
b. QFE
c. service pack

3.) This is an orderable or downloadable update to a customer's software that fixes existing problems and, in some cases, delivers product enhancements.
a. service release
b. hotfix
c. patch
d. service pack

4.) This is the first product to come out of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing era.
a. Windows XP SP 1
b. Quick Fix Engineering
d. Service Pack Manager 2000

5.) When installing a patch, it's a good idea to…
a. Create a "readme" file that documents the patch name, description and date of storage.
b. Keep a log of the patch specifications.
c. Retain downloads in their own directory on a file server.
d. All of the above.

What do you think of our daily trivia questions? Are they too easy? Too hard? Let me know.


1.) b. Quick Fix Engineering
SearchWindowsManageability collects the Web's best resources on Quick Fix Engineering.

For more information, read the Tech Tip Free Help for Microsoft patch management.

3.) d. service pack
For more information on service packs, read this Tech Tip Applying Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.

4.) a. Windows XP SP 1
For more information on securing Windows, visit our Best Web Links.

5.) d. All of the above.
For more information read Security push makes patch management strategy a must.

This was last published in December 2003

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