Infosec Know IT All Trivia: Windows security

Put your knowledge of Windows security to the test with these five trivia questions.

Test your knowledge of Windows security with these trivia questions. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the correct answer. If you get them all correct, you can call yourself an Infosec Know IT All!

1.) By default, Windows 2000 records and retains the user profile and access credentials for the last 10 users to locally log into that system. What is this recorded information called?
a. authorization
b. pseudonymous profiles
c. security policy
d. cached credentials
e. Kerberos

2.) Data security on a mobile computer running Windows NT can be enhanced through the use of...
a. Back Orifice
b. a buffer
c. a WinNuke
e. NTFS permissions

3.) Which version of Windows was referred to as "Memphis" during development?
a. Windows 95
b. Windows 98
c. Windows 2000
d. Windows NT
e. None of the above

4.) Classic NT uses a proprietary authentication scheme. What is it called?
a. Kerberos
b. SSO
c. NT LAN Manager Challenge-Response
d. API
e. Extensible Authentication Protocol

5.) This is an out-of-band network packet containing information that an OS can't process, thereby causing it to crash.
a. key fob
b. logic bomb
c. virus
d. blue bomb
e. dongle

What do you think of our trivia questions? Are they too easy? Too hard? Let me know.


1.) d. cached credentials
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2.) e. NTFS permissions
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3.) b. Windows 98
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4.) NT LAN Manager Challenge-Response
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5.) d. blue bomb
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This was last published in December 2003

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