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Is Patch Tuesday the bane of your existence? Take our quiz and learn best practices for better patch management.

Is Patch Tuesday the bane of your existence? Take our quiz and learn best practices for better patch management.

1.) Which patch management tool should you use to manage a large number of Windows boxes in an enterprise?
a. SUS
c. SMS

2.) Which of the following steps comes first in the patching process?
a. Prioritize and rate the severity of the patch.
b. Initiate change control procedure.
c. Understand the files, functions and operations of the patch.

3.) Updates for which of the following products are released through Windows Update?
a. Exchange
b. SQL Server
c. Office 2000
d. None of the above.

4.) Which of the following conditions must be met during the testing phase before a patch can be deployed?
a. The testing environment simulates a majority of the targeted platforms.
b. The software delivery process succeeds on the targeted test platform.
c. The patch is successfully removed in case of problems.
d. All of the above.

5.) How often does Oracle normally release security patches as part of its Critical Patch Update process?
a. Monthly
b. Bi-monthly
c. Quarterly
d. Ad hoc

6.) In terms of patch management, change control…
a. significantly slows down the process and increases the possibility that an exploit will take advantage of the vulnerability you are patching.
b. is only useful after releasing a patch.
c. is important during the pre-testing and deployment preparation phases.
d. None of the above.

7.) True or False: Hotfixes are often chainable, meaning you can install several at once without having to reboot after each.

8.) What is the recommended timeframe for a patch that fixes a vulnerability in an application your company uses, but for which there is no known exploit?
a. Within 6-12 hours
b. Within 24 hours
c. Within 48 hours
d. Within one week

9.) Patches must be deployed in a manner that guarantees…
a. consistency
b. status tracking
c. error logging
d. All of the above.

10.) What was the first product to come out of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing era?
a. Windows XP SP 1
b. Quick Fix Engineering
d. Service Pack Manager 2000

How'd you score?
9-10 correct: You're a patching pro
6-8 correct: You're patching proficient
3-5 correct: You're a patching pupil
0-2 correct: You're a patching pretender

This was last published in March 2006

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