Summer security quiz: Are you ready to go on vacation?

Take this short quiz to find out if you're really ready for the worst-case scenario.

Summer is in full swing. That means lots of vacation time, and thinned security staff and resources. So, before you hit the road and leave your security worries to co-workers, make sure you have all your firewalls in a row. Take this short quiz to find out if you're really ready for the worst-case scenario.

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1. This may seem like a contradiction in terms, but most security experts consider it to be a "crucial" part of any antivirus strategy. (Hint: Think weakest link.)
What is it?

2. This requires code changes to a system in order to keep it secure from the latest round of malicious code and vulnerabilities and should be done on a regular basis. Sometimes it can cause more problems than it fixes. (Hint: Think Microsoft and the bane of every admin's existence.)
What is it?

3. This describes proper use for the Internet and corporate network. And if you bother to enforce it, you may mitigate problems with malicious code, spyware and even harassment issues.
What is it?

4. This describes how and who should react to a network attack. With this firmly in place, loss and damage can be held to a minimum. (Hint: It's the kind of thing that makes you sleep well at night.)
What is it?

5. This took your security strategy for a thorough test drive and with a little luck didn't take your network down in the process. (Hint: It reveals the good, the bad and the ugly of your information security.)
What is it?

6. Just in case a meteor strikes the office while you're on the beach, don't forget to have one of these in place. (Note: The movie "Armageddon" could happen, right?)
What is it?

7. With just the right swagger and charming grin, this could lead your users astray and make them reveal sensitive information. (Note: While you're out, remind users to always ask the tough questions like, "Did we really order a flux capacitor?")
What is it?

8. This could help you lure (and hopefully distract) the over curious who have more time on their hands during the summer months. (Hint: Think of your neighbor's glowing blue electric mosquito zapper that makes the crackling noise every time a nasty bug falls into it.)
What is it?

9. Is this your security reality? Too many issues, not enough manpower or money? After this vacation, you may want to consider handing over the security reins. (Note: You're not completely off the hook, but the load is significantly lightened.)
What is it?

10. Finally, with a little bit of luck, and some blood, sweat and tears, your security crew will avert disaster, keep the troops inline, make the network run on-time and avoid this. (Hint: It comes fast, furious and often without much warning.)
What is it?

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This was last published in July 2004

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