Tutorial test answers: Malicious code -- What's what

Here are the answers to our tutorial test, Malicious code -- What's what.

Here are the answers to our tutorial test, Malicious code – What's what. If you need more instruction on malicious code, listen to the accompanying on-demand tutorial webcast with Robert Vibert at your convenience.

You can submit questions to Robert during the webcast or through our Ask the Expert feature.

1. What is a virus?
b) A program that replicates.

2. What is a Trojan horse?
c) A program with hidden functions.

3. Data diddling is when...
b) data is altered.

4. A multipartite virus...
c) infects multiple vectors.

5. Most viruses...
b) hide themselves.

6. More viruses are spread by...
a) e-mail.

7. When you detect a virus, first...
b) make some tea.

8. Blended threat would not...
b) erase your credit cards.

9. The biggest potential damage caused by a virus is...
c) e-mailing confidential information.

10. Viruses exploit...
b) Some of the known vulnerabilities.

This was last published in May 2003

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