Tutorial test answers: What to do about malicious code

Here are the answers to our tutorial test, What to do about malicious code.

Here are the answers to our tutorial test, What to do about malicious code. If you want to learn more about protecting your organization from malicious code, listen to the accompanying on-demand tutorial webcast with Robert Vibert at your convenience.

You can submit questions to Robert during the webcast or through our Ask the Expert feature.

1. What is the term used to define placing antivirus software on different types of machines?
b.) Multi-layered protection

2. How often should antivirus software be updated?
a.) Monthly, or more often

3. How does most malware enter an organization?
b.) Via e-mail

4. How does an on-access scanner prevent infections?
c.) By preventing access to infected objects

5. Why would I use RTF files?
b.) Because there is few malware that infects them

6. Magazine tests of antivirus software can be unreliable because...
c.) they often give priority to functionality over security.

7. Antivirus software and defenses are all about...
b.) preserving business continuity.

8. The following is not a basic rule:
b.) Never install personal firewalls on the same machines as antivirus.

9. Systems prevent the spread of viruses when they reach...
c.) 90% coverage with antivirus software.

10. A honey pot mailbox...
b.) alerts administrators to a spreading mass mail virus.

Want to learn more about specific types of malicious code? Listen to Robert Vibert's on-demand tutorial webcast, Malicious code – What's what and take the accompanying test.

This was last published in May 2003

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