Network intrusion detection and prevention (IDS-IPS)

Find the latest information on intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and network intrusion detection systems (IDS), including tools and tactics, how to manage host-based and network-based IDSes, minimizing false positives, and how to use intrusion detection methods and devices.

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  • virtual honeypot

    A virtual honeypot is software that emulates a vulnerable system or network to attract intruders and study their behavior. Virtual honeypots contrast with hardware-based honeypots, which are dedicated computers, networks or network segments designed... Continue Reading

  • unified threat management (UTM)

    A unified threat management (UTM) system is a type of network hardware appliance, virtual appliance or cloud service that protects businesses from security threats in a simplified way by combining and integrating multiple security services and ... Continue Reading

  • CISSP Domain 7: Security operations

    Learn about important cybersecurity techniques and technologies that serve as the foundation of both day-to-day security operations and incident response. Continue Reading

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