Network intrusion detection and prevention (IDS-IPS)

Find the latest information on intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and network intrusion detection systems (IDS), including tools and tactics, how to manage host-based and network-based IDSes, minimizing false positives, and how to use intrusion detection methods and devices.

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  • 5 actionable deception-tech steps to take to fight hackers

    Consider taking these five 'deceptive' steps to make your detection and response capabilities speedier, more effective and to improve your company's security posture. Continue Reading

  • virtual honeypot

    A virtual honeypot is software that emulates a vulnerable system or network to attract intruders and study their behavior. Virtual honeypots contrast with hardware-based honeypots, which are dedicated computers, networks or network segments designed... Continue Reading

  • unified threat management (UTM)

    A unified threat management (UTM) system is a type of network hardware appliance, virtual appliance or cloud service that protects businesses from security threats in a simplified way by combining and integrating multiple security services and ... Continue Reading

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