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How best to find and fend off malicious mobile apps

Last updated:July 2014

Editor's note

Mobile applications are hackers' favorite means, lately, to penetrating the enterprise security perimeter. Mobile apps on employee devices allow hackers to break into corporate systems from the "inside." In this Security School, expert Michael Cobb of Cobweb Applications Ltd. examines in depth the nature of the malicious mobile app threat and provides concrete, detailed advice on how best to counter it. An expert in data and system security, Cobb helps IT pros separate the real threat from the ones newspaper headlines scream about and then identifies both the established and emerging routes hackers are taking to ride on employee devices right into corporate systems. He then outlines in detail what IT infosec pros can do about it.

Watch the videos, listen to the podcast, read the tech tips then take the quiz to see how much you have learned about securing the network perimeter. Passing the quiz earns you one CPE credit from (ISC)².

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1The latest on malicious mobile apps

In this follow-up presentation, Michael Cobb brings viewers up to date on the latest developments in the mobile app world and how this technology is being employed by hackers to penetrate corporate systems ever more effectively. He considers threats from spyware and the use of jailbroken devices, but also provides expert advice on how information security pros can counter the threat with better training and a layered security strategy.

2Are malicious mobile apps just a mere inconvenience?

In this technical tip, Michael Cobb considers the question of how dangerous the latest mobile malware really is to your enterprise system. He proposes an approach to separating fear-mongering news headlines from information that indicates you really should be concerned. There's no doubt that malicious mobile apps are a real threat, but with Cobb's help you will react more effectively, with a focus on the real danger to your system.

3Employee awareness is essential

In this tip, Cobb focuses on the essential element of an effective enterprise security strategy: user training. With so much business and personal data coexisting on employees' smart phones, tablets and laptops, any effort to protect the enterprise must start by making sure employees are aware of the threat. Only if they are aware of, for instance, how hackers try to trick them while they surf the Web or use a public Wi-Fi spot can employees do their part to uphold corporate security.

4Show what you know about malicious mobile apps

With two tips, two webcasts and a podcast under your belt, you should be an expert now on the threat of malicious mobile apps and how to counter it. Take this quiz to be sure.