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How threat intelligence feeds aid organizations' security posture

In this Security School, learn what threat intelligence feeds are, how to obtain the best one and how threat intelligence in general operates today.


Threat intelligence feeds are the latest means to stay on top of hacking attacks. Services that supply them range broadly in capabilities and costs. Some offer simple threat data feeds based on recent attacks; other vendors supply systems that aggregate and analyze attack data. Should you consider adding a threat intelligence service to your security strategy? Is it best to use more than one? If you have several, how do you coordinate the threat intelligence feeds they supply?

This security school gives looks at what threat intelligence feeds can and can't tell you about the risks facing your enterprise and at the types of vendor services that exist now. Through the parts of this Security School, Rob Shapland -- principal at the cybersecurity consultancy First Base Technologies, and an accomplished security awareness trainer -- explains the ins and outs of threat intel, explaining how intel feeds help infosec pros stay on top of the types of threats their enterprise is most at risk for.

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