How to get started securing IoT in the enterprise

Last updated:May 2016

Editor's note

Internet of Things devices deliver incredible capabilities but also raise a number of significant security concerns. This Security School offers expert advice on securing IoT devices, to help infosec professionals ensure the connected devices that end users deploy do no harm to enterprise security.

Expert Dan Sullivan review key elements of securing IoT, including authentication and anomaly detection, and covers the points in an IoT device's lifecycle that warrant special attention, from deployment to decommissioning. In-depth coverage is also given to the work of two professional alliances concerned with standards for securing Internet of Things.

Watch the video, listen to the podcast, read the tech tip then take the quiz to see how much you have learned about securing IoT devices. Passing the quiz earns you one CPE credit from (ISC)².

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1Understanding Internet of Things security

The Internet of Things is an exciting and exhilarating opportunity, but is not without its own set of security concerns. To maintain Internet of Things security, several well-known safety measures -- and a few new ones -- must be adopted and maintained.

In this exclusive tip, podcast and video, Sullivan explains five key elements to securing IoT, offers pointers for starting IoT security in the enterprise, and discusses how the Open Internet Consortium and Thread Group are helping address the lack of widespread Internet of Things security standards.