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Realigning your enterprise's data protection strategies

Knowing how to address data breaches requires proper training, preparation and technologies. David Sherry explains why and offers tips to get the job done.


Just as enterprise security defenses mature and strengthen, so do the attacks that adversaries use. Learning from the past and realigning your enterprise data protection priorities now is critical to lessening the consequences when an incident does occur.

Not long ago, credit card numbers were the favorite target of organized online criminals, now they covet identity information. In this Security School lesson, expert David Sherry explains how organizations should react to this shift and discusses how to reprioritize your enterprise's data protection strategies to ensure data remains safe before, during and after a potential breach.

About the author:
As chief information security officer of Brown University, David Sherry is charged with the development and maintenance of Brown's information technology security strategy, IT policies and best practices, security training and awareness programs, as well as ongoing risk assessment and compliance tasks. A CISSP and CISM, Sherry has 20 years of experience in information technology. He previously worked at Citizens Bank, where he was vice president for enterprise identity and access management, providing leadership for compliance and security governance.


The right prep brings the right security

In these two articles, David Sherry explains how enterprises can improve data protection with foresight, action and proper training.


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To secure today's data, use today's security

In these two presentations, David Sherry discusses the past, present and future of information security, and outlines how modern attacks work to help enterprises reassess their data protection strategies.


Learn from the past: Ensure a secure future of information security

To ensure the future of information security, enterprises must learn from the past, launch proper training and install the right technologies. Continue Reading


Realign your data protection strategy efforts

In this video, learn what you need to do to realign your strategic focus to counter new threats by first understanding what’s important to your business. Continue Reading


Secure your greatest threat -- your employees

Listen in as David Sherry outlines five ways to combat social engineering attacks and learn how to master the task of employee security-awareness training.


Five ways to prepare employees for social engineering scams

Social engineering scams are abundant, proper preparation and training is key to avoiding the danger. Expert David Sherry discusses social engineering basics and explains how to keep employees out of harm's way. Continue Reading


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