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  • How do you change ESXi 6.5 host names and DNS configuration?

    Admins have options when it comes to changing an ESXi 6.5 host name, but only the vSphere Web Client has full functionality in the latest release. Continue Reading

  • Three perspectives on cloud identity and access management

    Identity access management (IAM) systems work to help keep security high by initiating, capturing, recording and managing user identities and access permissions. Cloud identity and access management systems can simplify these complex tasks, but moving identity stores to the cloud also raises security concerns. This guide focuses on several security-related identity and access management issues.

    First, Dejan Lukan, a malware analyst, considers the subject of IAM in the cloud through the use of public and private keys, and offers four tips on hardening the security of cloud keys. Next, security expert Dave Shackleford outlines several best practices for managing access and identity in the cloud age. Finally, author and systems architect Dan Sullivan digs into federated identity management, with a dual focus on two tools: Active Directory Federation Services, or ADFS, and Amazon Web Service's AD Connector.

    Readers of this collection of expert advice will come away with a deeper knowledge of identity and access management for cloud and have a better of the actions they can take to better secure access to their enterprise systems.

     Continue Reading

  • Three server security tools you might not know

    The security of the individual data center server can get lost in the shuffle of protecting enterprise networks. These server security tools will help. Continue Reading

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