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An inside look into OWASP’s Mantra tool

OWASP’s Mantra tool is being praised by security pro’s for its abundance of options and ease of use. In this screencast, Mike McLaughlin takes a look at what Mantra has to offer.

OWASP’s Mantra tool is a free, customized version of Firefox for penetration testing. Security researchers have praised the tool for its portability and vast collection of Firefox add-ons.

In this month’s screencast video, learn about Mantra from expert penetration tester Mike McLaughlin of First Base Technologies. Mantra is specifically designed to make pen testing quick and easy, and with an easy-to-use toolbar and start menu, the product is expected to be a great success for many pen-testing efforts.

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About the author:
Mike McLaughlin is a penetration tester working for First Base Technologies, an information security consultancy in the UK. Mike's daily work consists of both internal and external network based penetration testing, web application penetration testing, and social engineering.

This was last published in July 2011

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