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Balance security and open communications

Balance security and open communications

Balance security and open communications
Barrie Sosinsky

The emergence of technologies and business practices add complexity, and often vulnerability, to state-of-the-art e-commerce sites. This is reflected in the significantly more complex security environments that exist in many organizations. Without proper testing in sample environments, the promise of quality security is illusory.

Unfortunately, very few companies have the opportunity to establish sites dedicated to testing security. These sites are both expensive and labor intensive -- two quantifiable resources that most lack a surplus of in their IT shops. Thankfully, organizations exist to perform security testing for you -- even better, many share their results free of charge. The vendors who supply the products that are the foundation of the network being tested sponsor most of these sites. For instance, the Openhack site, a site built to test network security invitees hackers to try to penetrate it and pays rewards if they do. Cracking into pays rewards ranging from $500 for defacing the Web server to $1,500 for compromising the e-mail server to $2,500 for cracking into the database server. No prizes are given for DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks.

Funded by many companies, including PSINet, Microsoft, Sun, Axent and more, Openhack is a useful tool for learning about network security for e-business sites.

About the author:

Barrie Sosinsky ( is president of consulting company Sosinsky and Associates (Medfield MA). He has written extensively on a variety of computer topics. His company specializes in custom software (database and Web related), training and technical documentation.

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