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Beat back the botnets

Learn what botnets are, how hackers create them and what you can do to protect your network against them.

This presentation was given by Dave Dittrich at Information Security Decisions Spring 2005.

They're the termites of the Internet. Locusts in waiting. The startling rise of botnets is alarming. Bots (compromised and remotely controlled machines) are being marshaled into vast botnet armies. And the growth is unbelievable: 30,000 machines are recruited into botnet armies every day while some botnets have been counted in the tens of thousands of compromised machines. Not to mention the fact that hackers are putting their creations to fiendish use: Botnets send more than 70% of today's spam, widely distribute new malware and have become the weapon of choice in extortion DDoS schemes.

Dave Dittrich, the researcher who coined the term and discovered the secrets behind distributed denial-of-service attacks, explores the phenomenon of botnets. He explains how hackers leverage automated tools and the IRC to create and control botnets, the real and potential threats botnets pose to enterprise networks, and the various techniques companies can employ to protect against botnet infections and attacks. Find out:

  • What botnets are and how hackers create them
  • The dangers posed by botnets -- and how they can be avoided
  • How to detect and remove bots without breaking the bank
  • The most effective techniques to defend against botnet DDoS attacks

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This was last published in May 2005

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