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Beware the guest

Beware the guest

Beware the Guest
Roberta Bragg

It is often true that the simple things are the things that will mess up the best laid plans for security. This has been demonstrated time and again throughout history, as someone forgot, for example, to lock a safe containing sensitive information, or failed to investigate some small anomaly that should have been investigated. This tip, excerpted from Windows 2000 Security, by Roberta Bragg, published by New Riders, discusses one of these seemingly minor things that could turn out to be very major indeed.

Beware and be aware; the Guest account is a member of the system group Everyone. This means that any default privileges and accessand any access you assign to the group Everyoneare also available to the Guest account and any other account you assign membership in the Domain Guests group. Although the Guest account is disabled by default, you should carefully restrict the group Everyone and restrict the Guest account. To increase security, assign a strong password, deny login hours 7x24, deny remote access, and if you have to keep the NetBIOS protocol, restrict the Guest account logon to a nonexistent workstation.

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ISBN/CODE : 0735709912
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Published : Oct. 2000
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This was last published in December 2000

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