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Case study: The USPS gives SSO its stamp of approval

Learn how the U.S. Postal Service implemented SSO.

This presentation by Wayne Grimes, U.S. Postal Service Manager of Customer Care Operations & Information Technology,...

was presented at Information Security Decisions Spring 2005.

The U.S. Postal Service is a giant enterprise with 700,000 employees in more than 37,000 locations nationwide. It operates more than 600 applications to support every facet of its mail processing and delivery operations. These apps were built over time as independent projects and rely on a diverse mix of underlying technologies. The existence of stovepipe-systems caused an unacceptable level of user confusion and administrative overhead for the organization. How did they manage to get it all under control and secured to the hilt?

Here's your chance to hear directly from U.S. Postal Service Manager of Customer Care Operations & Information Technology, Wayne Grimes, as he describes the environment he inherited when he took his current job, the program he put in place to provide SSO for his organization, and the lessons learned along the way. You gain a thorough understanding of:

  • Overview of the organizational and technology environment being supported
  • The range of SSO solutions considered and deployed to address the problem
  • Technological barriers to providing universal SSO
  • Organizational and behavioral issues that must be addressed
  • How to share the implementation effort and the benefits derived

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This was last published in May 2005

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