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Checklist for meeting the PCI Data Security Standard

Contributor Diana Kelley summarizes the best ways to meet the PCI Data Security Standard.

Complying with the PCI Security Standard ensures that your organization can continue to do business with the PCI. Here's a quick round up of ways to ensure compliance.

Meeting the PCI Standard
Read the PCI Standard in full and perform a security gap analysis. Identify any gaps between existing practices in your organization and those outlined by the PCI requirements.
Create an action plan for on-going compliance and assessment. Once the gaps are identified, companies must determine the steps needed to close the gaps and protect cardholder data. It could mean adding new technologies to shore up firewall and perimeter controls, or increasing the logging and archiving procedures associated with transaction data.
Implement, monitor and maintain the plan. Compliance is not a one-time event. Regardless of merchant or service provider level, all entities must complete annual self-assessments using the PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire.
Call in outside experts as needed. Visa has published a Qualified Security Assessor List of companies that can conduct on-site CISP compliance audits for Level 1 Merchants, and Level 1 and 2 Service Providers. MasterCard has a Compliant Security Vendor List of SDP-approved scanning vendors.

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About the author Diana Kelley is a Senior Analyst with Burton Group. She has extensive experience creating secure network architectures and business solutions for large corporations and delivering strategic, competitive knowledge to security software vendors.

This was last published in July 2005

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