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Creating a corporate security culture

Learn how to successfully consolidate, integrate and centralize your security practices, as well as set in motion a security governance process that defines your company's security vision and strategy.

Sara Santarelli, Chief Security Officer and Vice President, Network and Information Security, MCI, presented this session at Information Security Decisions Fall 2005.

Effective security isn't one person's job or responsibility; it's a corporate culture. Nobody knows that better than Sara Santarelli, MCI's vice president of network and information security and chief security officer. Santarelli has charged her organization's business leaders with protecting corporate assets and making their 41,000 employees worldwide responsible for security. She has successfully consolidated, integrated and centralized MCI's security practice, as well as set in motion a security governance process that defines the company's security vision and strategy.

In this presentation, Santarelli describes her journey on the road to creating a security culture within a corporation. She's discovered that it's a road that never ends and requires continual maintenance. Here's your chance to go inside the walls of MCI to learn firsthand how to put to use the best practices Santarelli shares with you for the benefit of your own organization. Specifically, you find out how to:


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  • Consolidate multiple security organizations and technologies
  • Make security a function of business processes
  • Centrally monitor networks and systems
  • Roll out a proactive and predictive enterprise-wide risk management program

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This was last published in October 2005

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