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Digital deception: Raising the stakes on hackers

Learn the theory behind digital deception and how to implement digital deception techniques.

This presentation, by Dan Houser, CISSP, SSCP, CCP and Security Architect for Nationwide, was given at Information...

Security Decisions Spring 2005.

Security through obscurity is a nasty phrase. Old-time security pros say that obfuscation techniques do little to aid security. New research, however, is showing that digital camouflage can be an effective screen against the persistent onslaught of worms and script kiddies.

In this presentation, Dan Houser guides you through his work in network deception, demonstrating how the creation of virtual machines and a vastly expanded -- but cleverly disguised -- network of bogus targets and services can thwart hackers. In short, taking these steps may cost the hacker too much time and energy to be worth the effort. This presentation reveals:

  • The theory behind digital deception
  • How deception complements existing security solutions
  • Easily implemented deception techniques
  • How to make it too expensive in terms of time and resources to hack your site
  • And more

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  • This was last published in May 2005

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